Flat File room

The Mast’s flat-file program is a curated cabinet of works on paper that are available for purchase inside the gallery. The mission is to bring affordable artwork by southern artists to young or new collectors while giving artists a platform to sell their work. Chosen from an open call, this program is a diverse survey of artists in all stages of their career. The flat-file houses nearly 100 works on paper from 39 artists from all over the South. Throughout the exhibitions, visitors are welcome to browse and purchase from the flat-file. Prices ranges from $30 to $300 with 80% of the profits going directly to the artist.

Artists: Jordan Long, Rose Barron, Sasha Schilbrack-Cole, Kaleena Stasiak, Victoria Sauer, Alyssa Jones, Steven Anderson, Shawn Campbell, Sean Hurley, Lucia Riffel, Rebecca Sciandra, Paul Pak-hing Lee, Nicole Foran, Melissa Huang, Jonathan Lee, Mary Gordon, Lauren Cardenas, Lauren Woods, Lane Last, Kristy Hughes, Jessica Vass, Jackson Markovic, Alexandra Hemrick, Annie Hodgkins, Amber Bernard, Hannah Altman, Eric Neubauer, Manty Dey, Dan Rule, Cynthia Farnell, Crystal Desai, Marc Mills, Clay Jones, Claire Berrios, Caitlin Albritton, Haylee Anne, Angela Bortone, Alyssa Davis, and Candace Caston.

We are no longer accepting submissions.