Chapter Four: Moments of Intimacy


FRKO, BIYUNKA and Michael McCraw

July 12th - August 3rd, 2019

The Mast is proud to have present the solo exhibitions by Atlanta based FRKO and BIYUNKA and Mobile, AL based Michael McCraw. The show will be up from July 12th to August 3rd and the opening reception will be Friday, July 12th from 7-11pm.

Moments of Intimacy is a collection of exhibitions of artists working in a space cohabited with their significant other. Inspired by the story of the Mast, which is run by working artists who are couples, these exhibitions investigate ideas of intimacy, familiarity and collaboration; pressing issues that remind us of our humanity instead of our flaws. In addition, the Mast has curated a selection of photographs depicting personal and intimate moments submitted by our followers.

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Tiamat is the chaos god/goddess, being both Male & female, who represents good & evil just like Biyunka and I. We live in complete chaos daily and it is also in our DNA make up. Instead of running to religions, we invite the characteristics of how and who we naturally are. Our work is an expressive, and sometime abstract, depiction of our young black lives and the things we encounter and enjoy. Everything was created with love in our home and studio with our young son by our side. …a process that was surely a challenge.

BIYUNKA, (born Bianca Cooper), is a textile artist concentrating in 3D and soft sculptor. She began as a ready-to-wear fashion designer, overtime focusing on abstraction and movement in her pieces. Biyunka's work is inspired by her Black culture, nature and esoteric knowledge. She is devoted to creating pieces that will challenge the mind and morale.

FRKO, AKA Freako Rico, (born Richard Montgomery), is an Atlanta-based illustrator mixes comics and hip-hop to create hysterical, often belligerent art. FRKO has drawn multiple album covers for Action Bronson, including the graphic identity for the album Mr. Wonderful, and the artwork for Gucci Mane’s “All My Children.” Recent projects include a group exhibition at Atlanta Contemporary, titled Vivid Memories of a Blurred Past; THE GALLERY, WISH ATL, titled TRPL-DBL; a collaboration with the creative collective LoveRenaissance to design the iconic Reebok Classics, and drawing a Red Bull can for the Music Culture Clash, Atlanta.

Michael McCraw

Love of Life

Love of Life was born out of the need to tell stories. There's no story I can tell better than my own. I have been photographing my family for nearly a decade now. Most of the work in this show is from 2012 – 2015, a time when I was trying to make sense of fatherhood and my place in the world. Elizabeth and I moved to Decatur in 2012 when Harper was only two months old. Cora and Felix came later along in 2012 and 2014. The bulk of our world existed on a small road off Covington Highway. This exhibition offers a glimpse into that world.

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Michael McCraw is a self-taught photographer from the Panhandle of Florida currently living in Mobile, AL. His work deals with place and family. He has shown at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, LA, Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette LA, Redux Art Gallery in Columbia, SC, Camden Image Gallery in London, England and been featured on numerous online publications. He has a book out with Deadbeat Club Press.

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Moments of Intimacy Group Show

It was a long day at work. You are half on the couch half on the floor, stuck in a dream somewhere. Your partner comes home and opens the door. It has been raining all day so it’s quiet outside. There are no crickets out, just the momentary roar of the airplanes diving through clouds on their descent to the airport. You hear them open the door and as the cats wake up and swarm their feet, you start to breakthrough the trance of the long day’s slumber.  

A drawn out “hi, how was your day?” is one of your favorite daily moments to look forward to. It’s intimate, sincere and makes you feel loved. It’s predictable but important.

How do you replicate this moment?

Is this moment photographable or do you leave it to memory?

This collection of photographs was made by photographers and non-photographers alike all responding to these moments of intimacy.

Participants include: Abi Derosa, Ali Kocher, Anna Akpele, Ashley Kaye, Amber Zuljani, Catherine Freeman, Clare, Hu, Carlos Nunez, Chloe Rose Calhoun, Daniel Arnold, Dawn Yow, Erin Clark, Gabriel Cuomo, Greg Clark, Hannah Hendricks, Hasani Sahlehe, John Patrick VanSant, Kathrine Miller Johnston, Kendall Rogers, Larissa Ramey, Lauren Frances Evans, Lucia Riffel, Marissa Alper, Mathea Madsen, Merlin Lee, Racheld Scheetz, Riley Mcbride, Shara Duque, Stephanie Shively, Steven Stokes, Sydney Allen, Taylor Kigar, Thomas Diamanty, Viviane Veray, Will Major