Call for Entry: Moments of Intimacy


The Mast is announcing a call for entry for our upcoming exhibition Moments of Intimacy opening July 12th. Photographers and non-photographers alike witness more and more personal moments everyday through their camera. The tradition of sharing these moments in scrap books for friends to see is a novel idea in our social media ridden society nowadays. But for one month, we want to share your personal moments with the world.

Remind everyone how human you are. How flawed you are. How emotional you are. Show us your triumphs. Show us your lows.

Show us something real.

We are only accepting 3 entries from a submitter. Each entry must be sent via WeTransfer to

Each print will be made at CVS at 4x6 and will not be retrievable after the exhibition closes. None of the prints will be for sale. By submitting your photographs, you give us permission to use its likeness for promotional materials.

YOUR SUBMISSION IS FREE NINETY-NINE, however, we welcome any donations to help keep this program going. You can donate our gofundme.

The call is open until Jul 11th at 6pm. We will not be accepting submissions afterwards.